Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Short Story on Child Abuse in Egyptian Schools

The old woman orders the young child to stand facing the wall, but the child turns around after a while. "Face the wall, you animal!", the woman says. The child rages inside for her dignity, and in a weak voice, she manages to say "I am not an animal", and for she dared react, the animal hits her, orders her to look at the floor, and calls her an animal again, determined to break her. The child's inner dialogue screams: "You are the animal!", but she is paralyzed. She prints a photo of the wall, the white board, the classroom, and the teacher's white veil with her memory. A photo to keep for life, but she doesn't try to remember the abuser's face, because all oppressors look the same, and she decides that one day, she will talk back to them all. One day, her flames of anger will clean her shame.

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