Saturday, May 10, 2014

Scattered Thoughts (fb Status Updates May 2013 - May 2014)

It's wrong to value someone according to their usefulness for someone else, and it is possible to revert it (It is possible to think that men exist to have sex with women and serve them, and eliminate any evidence that contradicts with the idea that this is their role (any evidence that they can do anything unuseful for women). This is how narcissists view others, as objects.

I remember how my parents outraged when they found out that I desired people sexually or watched porn (Porn industry is violent against women), how my relatives called my parents when they saw that I took a silly fb quiz about sexual preferences, and how my father, who had a directory full of porn movies, worried about my "hyper-sexuality".
These are examples on how female sexual desire is to be silenced (by conditioning or blades) to revoke female agency, to guard the idea that women exist to be used by men. Men flaunt their horniness, claim that they have uncontrollable lust which makes them prey on us if we don't disappear (cover, stay at home, be quiet, hide of shame of our existence ...), because they want to exert power over us, not because they want to have sex with us.

I wish education encouraged me to experiment, wonder, question, think critically, seek a thorough understanding, use givens to discover or create something new ... I wish teachers didn't tell me that I didn't need to know, that I should memorize formulas without asking where they came from, or advice me not to give myself a headache. I wish art teacher didn't tell me it was wrong to draw portrait, not landscape. I wish test questions asked me to write my opinion without stating what opinion I should have.

Observation: Most people study grammar the same way they function in life. They follow rules and don't check if the big picture makes sense or not.

RIP Sahar, victim of psychological pain and abuse. I met you and chatted with you a few times, but I have known your pain for a lifetime.

The two actions mentioned in this comic ( are my actions. I am white colored, but not European. I rescued myself, and I receive several messages from Arab women who complain from the oppression they live under daily, but the vast majority of them refuse to mention their names.

3 years ago, I was considering climbing down the pipes from the 9th floor to escape the prison i was born in.

Sexism and ageism are when you read philosophy books while your peers were still playing with dolls, and develop a struggle for your freedom since your childhood, but people assume that your boyfriends made you rebel, that you mimic their views, and that they write your blogs for you because you are a young female and they are a little or a lot older males.

Egyptian women have two choices: To stay at their fathers' homes and only go out twice: once to move to their husbands' homes, and once to get buried, or to fight for their grounds and fear for their dignities, not their virginities. ‪#‎SexualHarassment‬

Wudu, prayer: Following religions makers' OCD rituals.

I think the biggest problem is the existence of people who think the same way as the Norwegian exchange student who is interviewed in this article ( both in eastern and western countries, people who conform, and blame those who do something.

Claiming that sexual depreviation of men is the cause of sexual harassment implies that men have sexual libido, but women don't, and that women are a sexual supply for men. I get horny, but I don't get an urge to harass people. Sexual harassment is a hate crime, a tool society uses to oppress women. The same society cuts women's pussies in an attempt to remove their sexual desire, and deprives both women and men, women more than men, sexually because it requires women to stay virgins till they get married.

Most Arabs support Putin because of the political conflict between him and America. I support people living under dictatorships.

An Egyptian girl was group harassed inside Cairo University in front of faculty of law, and university administration, traditional and social media blamed her for wearing leggings and hoodie. One can hardly live with such feeling of anger and injustice.

I usually shave, but I stopped shaving two weeks before last action, because I was cyber bullied for not being shaved enough after previous actions. Some bullies wrote comments like "Shave to improve the quality of products". Women are not products, and whether they shave or not is non of anyone else's business.

Got street harassed as frequently and bluntly as in Arab countries by Arab men in Paris.

Went to a club in Paris with two female friends, but we were not allowed to dance because our clothes were not sexy enough. A security guard told us that rich men visit that club to watch sexy girls dancing :/

Mariam, another Mariam whose parents are religious Muslims, was taken by her parents to a MB psychiatrist called Mohammed Elmahdy, who prescribed her epilepsy medication based on that she doesn't conform to social norms. She has been locked up for a month. Her father hits her and forces her to take the medication, which may paralyze her facial muscles, and cause her convulsions.

On my left hand, between my thumb and index, in one centimetre distance, there are two scars. One made by father's hand, and one made by street harasser's knife. My father once told me that those sexual harassers will teach me the manners he failed to teach me, and when I got kidnapped and attemptedly raped, my kidnappers told me to go back to my father's jail.

19 years a hostage.

A Saudi girl is to choose between getting forcefully married off to her father's friend and sleeping with her father.

They call me cheap, because I don't consider myself a commodity. How much should I charge for a non-sexual naked photo of myself? and how much should I charge for sex to be an expensive respectful wife?

Islam is sexist, but lets assume it isn't. Are we supposed to give up equality if Islam opposes it? Are we supposed to give up our freedom of thought and follow whatever religion says?

Quran says stay at home, and Islam says that women better pray at home, not at a mosque, but lets assume it doesn't. Are we supposed to give up equality if Islam opposes it? Are we supposed to give up our freedom of thought and follow whatever religion says?

البنت اللي كانت بتحاول تساعد Maryam Estefanus اللي أهلها حبسوها في مصحات نفسية علشان حاولت تهرب من سجنهم و صاحبت ولاد من عائلات مسلمة إتحبست هي كمان في مصحة بعد ما حاولت تهرب مع صاحبها من سجن أهلها.

It's illegal to jump over embassies' fences or to be gay, but it's legal to discriminate against people.

Fuck society!

Hijab means that women are sexual preys or consumptions who should cover up not to arouse men and make them rape them or have sex outside marriage.

People watch while you are being violated, and punish you when you react. I support Firoozeh Bazrafkan.

Cultural relativists, shut up and let Arab women rescue themselves!

"I malaysisk press har det framskymtat att misshandeln skulle ha bestått i att ett av barnen, en 12-årig pojke, slagits på handen för att han vägrade att utföra sina böner."

If this is true, then their parents abused them both physically and mentally by forcing their beliefs on them.

من دولة دينية دينية لدولة دينية عسكرية :(

Instead of rejecting society's view of female bodies and females, some women try to gain its respect by adopting its view of their bodies as something shameful, dirty, an origin of sin, and distancing themselves from them, but they still carry them under their clothes and sexists still view all women as less competent sex tools which exist for men. Good luck being etherical!

My Syrian male classmates when they saw me carrying a chair:
"Can you carry it?"
"Let us carry it outside the bus for you."
"I never saw something like this before."

Me: * Lifting the chair high in one move :P *

My nudity is not humiliating. I am psychologically empowered enough to have my own self image, not to adopt my abusers' (sexist men's) image of me as a (sexual) object.

Takis Würger of Der Spiegel said sexist things, and when I pointed that out, he replied that I became sensitive and was mixing between him and Arab men (as if sexism only exists in Arab countries), then he wrote the following: "In the West, it's easy to play the moral teacher when talking about women's rights in Egypt. But we should remind ourselves that, until 1958, it was illegal for a married woman in Germany to open her own bank account without her husband's consent. Less than 100 years ago, women were not allowed to vote in Germany. And women have only been permitted to serve in combat units in the German armed forces since 2001.".

You don't support me or my cause by replying to my haters with a sexist comment like "You are afraid of a girl, cunts." :/

Sick and tired of that men are superior and women and gay men are inferior shit.

From Takis Würger's article on Der Spiegel: "Living in exile in Sweden has been lonely for Elmahdy. She lives a withdrawn life, with no friends and much fear. She has joined the feminist group Femen and also waged nude protests of her own in support of a wide range of causes."

Correction: Aliaa goes to school and plans to study film direction. She has friends in other cities in Sweden, other countries and online. She receives threats from Arab men and Nazis, but she doesn't live a terrified life as this article depicts. She joined Femen on December 2012 and left it on October 2013.

From Takis Würger's article on Der Spiegel: "Two years ago, during the revolution in Egypt, then-20-year-old Aliaa Elmahdy posted a nude photo of herself online as a form of protest against the restrictions of and mistreatment by her parents. The photo rapidly became an icon of the revolution, but different people interpreted it in different ways."

Correction: Aliaa Elmahdy posted a nude photo of herself online as a form of protest against sexist views held by most Egyptians including her parents. 

I thought of writing "My body is not a 3awra, a property or a sex tool." on the photo before I posted it.

Showed Daniel Vrangsinn off to Arab shop owners and Syrian Muslim neighbors :P

Wondering when will women start to be forbidden to wear short clothes or work in Europe, so Muslims don't get offended.

De är alla fascister, både Muslimska brödraskapet och militären. Jag är inte nöjd med den nuvarande situationen.

I was misrepresented in most of the interviews I did with the media. Like in this article:

I also made sexist people angry by wearing short skirts on the street in Egypt. ‪#‎IndividualFreedom‬

Noncompliance is not a disorder.

We went to court because the men who were inside the mosque didn't like that we were topless because they have a woman hating culture which we protested against and didn't respect. As an expression of their culture, those men called us bitches who want to get fucked.

2010: أبويا: المتحرشين دول اللي هايربوكي علشان أنا ماعرفتش أربيكي.

You must be a male over 60 not to be considered as a child in gender and age based hierarchies.

Me: I wasn't living with my parents during my last year in Egypt.
My new Syrian female classmate: :O

Girls don't need an excuse like marriage, study or work to leave their parents' home.

To a girl who wants to take off her hegab, but is hesitant because her mother gets sad when she talks about it: Nobody has the right to get hurt of you making your choices and being yourself. Your mother is psychologically manipulating you into feeling guilty and selfish for breaking free from her control and becoming an individual, but you must know that she is the one who wrongs you, considers you as something she owns and uses for her satisfaction and doesn't care about your happiness.

Kheloud is got cyber bullied after quoting a state security soldier's verbal harassment of her: "Walk away or I will fuck you in your ass".
This is an example of how our sexist society pressures women to be silent about sexual harassment.

Women are not the same as children and they don't have special needs to be treated a special treatment, e.g. if it's ok to jail a man, it's ok to do the same with a woman.

On 22 February 2012, I was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and stolen, not by islamists, but by the help of a fake liberal, secular, atheist and feminist girl called Aya Elgohary and her mother. She's one of those who got me depressed because they made me feel that nobody is really different from the mainstream society.

Women, if sexist people call you respectful (mo7tarama), then you don't respect yourself and you accept to live by sexist norms, but if they call you a slut (sharmouta), then you are uncontrolled.

A female relative of mine: What do you want? Do you want to sleep with your boyfriend? Do it in secret. I slept with men before marriage.
Me: I slept with a man in secret for two years before, but I want to be free. I want to own my choice.

EGYPTIAN Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV):
Female Nudity

Child abuse
Harsh economic conditions

If the current regime is secular, why are gays and atheists still prosecuted?

I did something I would have never done if I didn't break free from my parents' and society's control. I moved to my own apartment, not my husband's.

Children, their bodies and minds are not their parents' properties. Parents should not be allowed to cut their female or male children's genitalia or to indoctrinate them into a religion.

A survivor of a psychological war of which millions fall. Scarred but free. Analyzing the tactic used. It has many names: child upbringing, gender roles, socialization, religion ...

5 years ago, at Cairo International Book Fair, My father: You want to buy a criminal psychology book for university students or a philosophy book titled "Freedom"? Do you think that it supports your argument that you're free? Girls your age read novels.

High on my brain chemistry.

A Yemeni man: Why would a beautiful girl like you ask for asylum?

Three of the five actions I did when I was a Femen member were my ideas (one of them is the mosque action), and two were Inna's and Jenny's ideas which I liked. My previous announcement about leaving Femen may NOT be used by sexist media to imply that I didn't believe in what I did.

Doctor: What is your name?
5 or 6 years old me: My name is naughty. (Teachers used to call me naughty at school).

My father: I wish we never let you go to school on foot or go to university by metro or bus.

Is claiming that Islam is not responsible for violence and discrimination more important than recognizing the fact that people are being killed and discriminated against, empathizing with them, and doing something about it?

Rest in peace my cousin, victim of child abuse.

Cook food like macarona bel bashamel everyday and make your bed properly. What will you do when you get married? Your husband will hit you or return you to your parents.
- I don't dream of becoming some man's servant.

An Iraqi female classmate: Women are not brave, but men are. ‪#‎SexismVictimPsychology‬

Forwarded the messages he sent me to his wife.

One and half years ago, I had to live in a refugee camp where I was sexually harassed by five different refugee men.

An Arab man: Swedes make both immigrant men and women go to school to get money. They don't respect that in our countries, men are responsible for women.

An Arab man: Did you travel alone to Sweden? ... There is a difference between girls and boys. Boys can travel alone, but girls can't.

An Arab man: Do you live alone?
Me: Yes.
Man: Aren't you afraid? Don't tell that to people.
Me: Do you live alone?
Him: Yes.
Me: Aren't you afraid?
Him: I am a guy. Women are weak.

An Arab woman: Its too late. I can't continue my education.
Me: People older than 20s can continue their education.
Woman: But I barely have time to cook, clean and take care of children.
Me: But many people work and have houses and children. Women and men share housework and take care of children together.
Her: Arab men don't do anything.

After a while, Me: Yesterday night, I was out with people and didn't check when the last bus home leaves ...
Her: Do you live with your parents or are you married?
Me: No, I live alone.
Her: That's why you can go out late.

Two Arab men: She will have to work. No man will marry her after he sees all her body for free.

99% of Arabs first time we meet:
Do you live alone, with your family or with whom? Are you married?
Oh my! Did you travel to Sweden alone? Are your parents in Egypt? How come they leave you live like this?
How old are you? Why do you study with adults? You should be fostered by a Swedish family. You can't feed and clothe yourself. (I am 22).
Are you Muslim or Christian? How come you are neither Muslim nor Christian? Are your parents Muslim or Christian?

At Gothenburg train station, An Arab man: A young girl like you shouldn't wait here alone at night. You may be raped. I and other Arab men will protect you.
Me: Fuck off!
Man: I care because you are Arab, but I wouldn't care if you were Swedish.

An Arab man: Swedes brainwash Arab women. They erase our religions, customs and traditions from their brains and tell them they should have personalities.

An Eritrean student: Men and women are not the same. Men are "higher" than women.
Teacher: Why?
Student: Because Islamic and Christian religions say so.

The same man persecuted his male to female transsexual daughter and paid for a sex change operation for his female to male transsexual niece ‪#‎Sexism

I demand a secular constitution because Muslim and ex-Muslim women should be able to marry non-Muslims.

This is how women are terrorized to wear hegab and blamed for getting sexually bullied.

I demand a secular constitution because "Islamic sharia is the source of restrictive legislation on individual freedoms".

I demand a secular constitution because "Islamic sharia is the source of discriminatory legislation against women and religious minorities".

I demand a secular constitution because I was tried for "contempt of religion".

I demand a secular constitution because my middle school threatened to expel me if I didn't pray after my parents complained that I left Islam and criticized it in my diary.

I demand a secular constitution because I was told that I am not Egyptian anymore after I left Islam.

Is 13 years old too young to think indoctrinated religion over, but 0 years old old enough to be labeled as a Muslim?

FGM aims to deprive women of their sexual desire to "keep them in the status of sexual objects made for the pleasure of men".

I am nazistophobic.

and fuck ageism and gymnophobia

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy: Non fasting people, unveiled women ... Can you eat publicly before sunset, drink alcohol, go to beach ... during Ramadan? Do you get harassed? and how? Does your family force you to fast or pray? Please write your answer and your country of residence in a comment or message.

Magdy Abdelraheem: Yes i can.. im living a very normal life... except i just cant get alcohol, UAE

Emma Ruby: Yes, I do all the above add to that I do not give a flying toss about others standards of normality lol, UK

Adham Belhaj: No eating in public, no alcohol in ramadan or otherwise except in secret 

Jenny Mcdonalds: They always asking me if I'm fasting or not and simply I said no as long as I'm not living with them anymore I am jordanian but I'm living in Kuwait so I can't eat publicity coz they will hunt me to jail

Kriba Hisht: I live in the US now with my primary partner so nobody can make me do anything anymore, but when I was still in Lebanon, I had to hide my atheism and wear the hijab and pretend to fast and pray because my family would never accept it any other way; my behavior was controlled by my society and the power they had over my existence. Even when in the university away from my family I had to hide in corners to eat or drink water in Ramadan so nobody would see me in case they knew me or knew my family and word would get back to them.

Reem Abdel-Razek: I eat publicly and I usually don't get harassed here in NY, sometimes I get questions from Arabic people. But back when I lived in Saudi eating in public during Ramadan meant getting thrown in Jail, so me and all non Muslim friends there avoided it.

Ladys Sattar Sbrkmnt:
انا حصالي موقف مره وانا كنت في امتحان وخلاصت ومروحه و كنت وقفه عشان اوقف تكسي لقيت كوشك صغير وكنت عطشانه سعته فا قوالت اشتري عصير روحت الكووشك وشتريت العصير وانا بدي صحب الكوشك الفلوس لقيته بي نظر ليه من فوق لي تحت وبي قرف مشيت مهتمتش بي الموضوع ركبت تكسي وكنت بشرب العصير اول مسمع صحب التكسي صوت شرب العصير وقف فجاء بي السياره وقالي انتي ازاي مش بتحترمي اخونك المسلمين اذ كنتي مسحسه كولي وشربي في بيتك قالت انا مش مسيحيه و نا حره اكل وشرب فين ونزالت وركبت تكسي ثاني

Saeed: Hi I'm from Iran, and in Iran it's illegal to eat or drink or smoke before sunset during Ramadan. If caught by cops, you'd be forced to pay a sum of some hundred dollars(not sure exactly how much). It's also been said that cops make the people who don't fast to dig up graves with little spoons!

David: هاااااي
انا ملحد و قاعدفي اسوان
و عشان اقدر اكل في رمضان براحتى بضطر اروح مكان بعيد او استنى الكل ينام العصر عشان اكل
و احيانا بضطر اكل فى الحمام عشامن محدش يشوفنى

Mayar: You asked if I'm able to eat/drink without any hassle; no I'm not. I'm forced to fast by my parents and occasionally even pray, however, I'm technically not fasting. But please bear in mind that I am only 15. I believe if someone else ate before sunset in public, they'd be either perceived as a Christian (which is a bad thing, you know, lol) or if they're a man they're a pussy/if a woman then she's probably on her period which is something she should be ashamed of, I guess. When I was on my period I was supposedly allowed to not fast etc, but my mom obligated me to not eat in front of my OWN biological father simply because that would be an indication of how I'm on my period and that's a shameful thing. Anyways, you absolutely rock! I look up to you so much. 

Oh, also, I'm Egyptian.

Imad Iddine Habib: In Morocco is it Illegal for whom "known to be muslims" to not fast during the day of Ramadan, the article 222 of the Moroccan pemal code consider it as a crime, it is illegal too to drink alcohol in public, I've been arrested two times while eating in a park, and the harassments from people are so violent.
i Co-Founded a Mouvement against the article 222, and for the right to not fast, called MASAYMINCH, we're in the 3rd edition this year, a 18 years old boy got arrested saturday, for smoking in public.

Imad Iddine Habib - Morocco

June 2011, the last time he hit me.

What is Islamic feminists' opinion on polygamy for men, unequal inheritance, hitting wives etc?

Public Display of Eating and Drinking (PDED) ‪#‎Ramadan

Why do some feminists define themselves as Muslim feminists? I, for example, am atheist and feminist, but i define myself outright as feminist not as atheist feminist. Is it to say that they are for equality between women and men as long as it doesn't oppose Islamic sharia?

Support Pussy Riot's protest inside a church and oppose Femen's protest inside a mosque because fuck logic.

Did you know? An Egyptian woman has fight or flight response whenever she walks past a man in street.

* I blow the whistle on sexism in Arab culture or by people of Arab ethnicity in effort to achieve equality in Arab countries and communities. My status updates don't negate the existence of sexism in Europe too. Arab women, especially non-conformists, are targeted by both sexist Arabs and non-Arabs and racist non-Arabs.