Thursday, November 27, 2014

I Was Accused of Madness (A Poem by Me Translated from Arabic)

I was accused of madness
When I said the sun has a smell
And thought over about the sound of the smell of the sun
I heard the sound from a red violin
On a shelf at my primary school
I sat alone and spoke to it's rose tones
The tones danced with me on life's stage

I was accused of madness
When i confronted the walls of nothingness with my tender tones
The high fences built on no foundations
They remind me of death
Tales of death in my country exceed tales of life
Excuse me, tales
Excuse me, god
I'm not afraid of death
Excuse me, residents of my Cairo
I'm scared for my city to wear black
You dyed buildings and faces with mourning colors
Despite wolves' howling and wailing
Birds still recite the song of life
And I still hear it

I was accused of madness
When I found out craziness is not exclusive to me
I let love pass it's fingers over the strings of my heart
Your looks don't make me panic
My heart's matter doesn't concern you
I know you are annoyed by light
You cannot kill life
So you kill yourselves
Excuse me
I don't care about my accusation
If I'm accused of madness

Written on: 09 June 2009